Monday, May 12, 2014

Hot Trends - Black and White

I've been moving toward a more neutral color palette in my kitchen and a recent column from Gudy guest posting for Decor8 just verified my direction.
Look at what she found on a recent trip to Milan...

Here's my newly revamped window seat, I'm getting onto the black & white (well, cream) bandwagon, while blending this into my former color palette.   

It helps that our counters were black and grey granite and I had lots of black accents in my home already.

After seeing all of the bright and light walls out there, I'm really thinking about repainting a few shades lighter to brighten up our living room. As you can see, it tends to be a bit dark even at mid-day. 

So, I'm asking for your opinion, should I leave it the new-neutral "Jodhpur" (I really do love the color), or should I bring it up a couple of shades?  The top paint sample is the current color and the samples directly below it on the same card are trim colors and colors of the walls in the surrounding rooms.

So, what do you think?  I'd love to hear.



  1. Yes, I would say brighten/lighten it up a bit.It's a little hard to tell from your samples and chips and how they are laid out here….but I think it would help to go lighter and cleaner. IMHO, as they say!

  2. Thanks Libby - It's been in my mind for awhile, but my husband says - it's fine why change it???? He's an accountant and totally the other side of the brain. We've had the same paint on the walls for 12 years - I loved it then, but I'm ready for a change!

  3. Twelve years???? Oh yes, indeed, time to change it up! I'm looking at new color for my office walls and it's been less than 4 years. This avocado does terrible things to skin tone when photographing or even skypeing! And then of course I would just have to recover the armchair, right?

  4. I know, as I said, I love the color but I really am tired of it and it really darkens the room. As soon as my ankle mends I'm on it!

  5. Yes, go brighter and it is so energizing to do a new color. It has been way too long since we painted our rooms too so I am on a mission.

  6. I'm on a mission now and will repaint this summer!

  7. ARod@MakinMyAptaHomeMay 18, 2014 at 10:18 PM

    love the black & white combination I use it all the time and then add a pop of different color for different seasons

  8. Love that - thanks for stopping by.


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